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These days, there are subscription services for skincare, wine, magazines, and more. Subscriptions offer a simple way to get what you want on a monthly basis without having to think about it. We took this practice and applied it to the world of contact lenses. We aim to make the process of getting your contact lenses as simple as possible because your vision matters to us.

If you’ve found yourself here and you’re intrigued, we’re about to satisfy your curiosity! Dimple Contacts is the best subscription contact lens company on the market. In this read, we’ll tell you more about who we are, what specifically we offer, how Dimple differs from other contact lens subscription services and how you can get a 10 day free trial of our daily disposable contact lenses

Introduction to Dimple

We care about your vision. Seeing shouldn't be complicated so we make it easy, accessible and as simple as possible. With our subscription model, you’ll never run out of contact lenses again. Founded in Australia, Dimple has since gone global, providing the world with the best daily contact lens subscription service.

Australia's best contact lenses

Our Story

Dimple was founded by a long time contact lens wearer who was tired of running out of lenses and always having to wait for an online sale to then buy in bulk in order to save money. Knowing this had to be a frustration for other areas, we set out to change the landscape for contact lenses in Australia.

Dimple was created to offer affordable contact lenses without all the big pharma mark ups via a convenient, no-commitment subscription model. Simple. To make sure people like our lenses, we offer a 10 day free trial for only $4.95 shipping. 

Australia's best contacts

Our Contacts

At Dimple Contacts we strive to provide our wearers with a high quality product designed for comfort that can be worn daily. Please note that our lenses are daily disposable lenses and therefore must be properly disposed of after use.

Each Dimple contact floats in our BioMoist formula, which mimics the eye’s natural tear film and keeps your eyes clean and comfortable all day long. Our daily lenses are made from 43% Methafilcon B and 57% water. Our Radial Edge technology creates a uniform thinness that means you can see clearly and comfortably every day.

This keeps your eyes feeling fresh, happy, hydrated and suitable lenses for those with dry eyes. All our daily lenses include UV protection to help guard you from harmful radiation.

best contact lens subscription service

How Our Contacts Are Made

Our disposable contact lenses are made via an injection moulding process in which soft contact material is heated until it’s in a liquid state, then it’s injected into precise, pressurized moulds. Once shaped, our contacts then go through polishing, hydrating and quality assurance testing.

Australian contact lens brand

Where Our Contacts Are Made

Our contact lenses are made in Perth, Australia by Gelflex Laboratories. Gelflex have been manufacturing lenses for over 50 years and are the only contact lens mould manufacturer in Australia. They have won multiple awards for their manufacturing process and have customers worldwide using their lenses every day.

Why Us

Reason #1

We care. At Dimple we care about your vision. We recognise how frustrating the contact lens process can be from getting your prescription. So we simplify it for you. We offer 10 days worth of daily disposable lenses as a free trial - you’ll just need to cover the $4.95 for tracked delivery.

Reason #2 

We care about contact lenses. We’ve made an effort to manufacture our lenses with high quality materials so that you can wear our lenses all day. The lenses themselves are floating in BioMoist solution that hydrate your eyes making them as comfortable as possible to wear for an extended period.

We also made our lenses in recyclable packaging to minimise our footprint with every order. We have also minimised the amount of packaging we use. 

Reason #3 

A dollar from every subscription order goes towards training and supporting Guide Dogs. By subscribing to Dimple you’re helping someone with vision impairment to lead a better life through their relationship with their Guide Dog.

Get The Best Contact Lense Subscription Service

Our contact lenses subscription service is the best on the market. Whether you’ve got a high prescription or have astigmatism our contact lenses can be catered towards you and can match your prescription. Arriving right at your door on time you’ll never have to worry about running out of contact lenses again and you will barely need to . We understand how complicated the world of vision can be. So whether you’re a long time wearer or new to contact lenses we make each step of the way as easy as possible to you. Our customer service team is available via email or Live Chat at every step of the way to assist you with any questions or queries you may have. We wouldn't have it any other way! If that sounds like something you;re interested in let’s us explain on how it works.

disposable daily contacts

How It Works

First, head on over to our website here where you can start your 10 day contact lens free trial of our lenses. Input your prescription. For your contact lens prescription it’s important to note that it differs from your glasses prescription. If you don’t have a contact lens prescription, pay your local optometrist a visit where they can give you your prescription and teach you how to put in, take out, and how to maintain healthy contact lens hygiene practices. And remember to get your script rechecked every year or sooner if you feel your vision has changed. Once, you’ve entered in your delivery details. The lenses are on their way to you- once you’ve tried out our lenses for a few days you can set up the delivery schedule to suit your needs. That’s it, sit back, relax and wait for your lenses to arrive at your doorstep before you run out, everytime.

Why We’re The Best Subscription Lense Service

With a no lock in contract, your subscription is customisable to whenever you need it. Whether you’re a full time contact lens wearer or you wear contacts on a casual basis. You choose whether you want a monthly subscription,  Providing tracked delivery and a high quality product we know you’ll be happy with Dimple Dailies. We recognise your vision is important and with our service you will never run out of contact lenses again. Dimple contacts go directly from us to you, there’s no middle man, which means less fuss and the contact lenses get to you fast. If you have any questions or queries feel free to contact our customer service team.

best daily contact lenses

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