Cataract, Explained

Introduction to Cataracts

Cataracts, also called "age-related cataract," is a condition that occurs as the lens of one's eye ages. A cataract is a clouding or opacity of the natural lens inside your eye. Cataracts can develop slowly and cause no symptoms for years, but eventually they will make it difficult to see clearly because light cannot pass through them easily anymore. In this post we will discuss what you need to know about cataracts, including their causes and treatments.

Cataracts Symptoms

Symptoms of a cataract will vary depending on the type. Most people with a cataract have some cloudiness in their vision, but it might be so subtle that you don't notice it yourself at first.
For others, the symptoms are more pronounced and may include:
  • Clouded or blurry vision
  • Double vision
  • Glare or halos around lights

When to Seek Medical Attention for Cataracts

If you notice any change in your vision, then it is important that you see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. In some cases, cataracts can lead to a decrease in one's quality of life which makes having the surgery sooner rather than later very beneficial.

Cataracts Causes

There are many causes of cataract, some more common than others. Cataracts can be caused by trauma to the eye, genetics, certain diseases like diabetes and lupus, sun damage (UV light is a known cause), side effects from certain medications, and even smoking.

Preventing Cataracts

While there is no guaranteed way to prevent cataracts for everyone, you can reduce your risk of developing this condition by taking good care of the eyes and following recommended preventative steps.
Some common tips include:
  • Quit smoking, if you currently smoke
  • Wear sunglasses when spending time in strong sunlight
  • Eat a healthy diet that is low in sugar and saturated fats. If you are diabetic, be sure to keep your blood sugar within recommended levels.
  • Get regular eye exams to monitor any changes that may occur over time

Treating Cataracts

There are many treatments for a cataract as they vary depending on your age and location of the cloudiness in your eye. Some common options include:


The most invasive option is surgery where an ophthalmologist will remove the cloudy eye lens and replace it with an artificial one.


If your cataract is mild, over the counter medication may help decrease its size to improve vision. This treatment usually lasts for a short time, however it can be used in combination with surgery or another option below.

Lifestyle changes

Some doctors may recommend eye exercises to help maintain your vision or wearing glasses in certain cases.

Eye drops

In addition, you can try using over the counter eyedrops like Refresh Plus which will moisturize your eyes and improve overall comfort. Cataract surgery is done by an ophthalmologist , a medical doctor who specializes in treating conditions that affect the eyes. They will use an ultra-sound device to break up your cataract and remove it from your eye in a few seconds. In some cases, these surgeries are done with lasers which makes them even more precise.

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